The manufacturing of our products

Chambrelan controls the complete manufacturing of its products, from the raw material to the finished product, through profiling process.

From the stock of the various raw materials, we are able to manufacture the standard slides as well as the specific slides according to the customer drawings.

Manufacturing consists of 6 steps

  • Preparation
  • Cold drawing out
  • Straightening
  • Machining
  • Surface treatment
  • Assembling

It leads to the final standard stock product or to a specific product and we dispatch it directly to our customers.

The manufacturing of our products

The raw material

The raw material

In some figures :

  • 1000 matter references
  • 500 tons in stock
  • Mild steel, Medium carbon steel, Aluminium, Stainless steel
  • Standard rolled-iron products, balls, accessories, screws and bolts…

The preparation


In order to obtain a profile compatible with our quality standards, we select materials based on their mechanical properties. The first step is to clean them to remove rust, grease or carbon, to carry out annealings which stabilizes the bars of material ready for drawing.

Cold drawing out


By passing the section through the dies the material is formed to the dimensional specifications of our designs. This production method can improve the intrinsic qualities of the material by work hardening whereby the material is "compressed" in key locations, including the ball-tracks, which improve the work life of rails.



After stretching, the bars of material are individually straightend according to our standard manufacturing tolerances that are approximately one millimeter per meter in the degree of straightness and twisting meter.



Cut to length, drilled, milled, pressed, the various beams are processed ready to build the slides.

Following the machining operation, the items are shipped to our various subcontractors for surface treatment. This operation is subcontracted, not only for environmental reasons, but also to enable us to offer the best solution from a range of possible surface treatment options. We treat our slides in this way for two reasons, firstly to improve corrosion resistance and secondly to improve the surface hardness of our slides.



Final operation in which the various elements of the slide are combined with mounting accessories such as ball bearings, stops, locks...

Finished product


Following this process, the slides are ready for use. They are either placed in storage (about 2,000 references are in stock), or shipped for immediate use.