Load capacity

Load capacity from a few kilos to more than 1000 kg.

The maximum safe load is given:

  • For a fully extended pair of slides,
  • Mounted on the major axis,
  • With a load spread uniformly along the small inner beam.

The load is the maximum effort which an extended pair of slides, mounted on the major axis can bear.

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Loads were calculated according to a predetermined protocol to ensure comfortable use.

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The working loads given include a high safety margin enabling the slides to operate in most applications.

They can be increased to some extent, but performances will decrease, including the deflection, the moving forces and the lifespan.In contrast, lower loads will improve performances.

The safe load depends on the extension, the type of mounting and the intensity of use. So an increased extension limits the safe load, whereas a reduced extension enables it to increase its performance.

A mounting of the slides on the minor axis is not recommended. It induces a substancial decrease of the load, or even, on some models, a minimal one.

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