Range of products designed for industrial applications by 6 pts.

Example of telescopic slide

Heavy duty slides

More than 30 types of slides are available, which have a load capacity from a few kilos to more than 1000 KGs.

Steel, aluminium, stainless steel

3 Types of slides: steel, aluminium, stainless steel for standard application, corrosive environment or specific application.

Surface treatment

All CHAMBRELAN slides come with a treatment against corrosion. The standard treatment, i.e. zinc plating for steel slides and colourless anodization for aluminium versions, suits most uses.

Reduced maintenance

CHAMBRELAN slides have been designed to operate with a minimum maintenance in the most challenging of environments.
Only under extreme conditions of use will they require some complementary maintenance.

Easy to install

You can find within this catalogue comprehensive data to allow a good and simple installation: load capacity, length, drilling scheme ... Moreover, on the website, you can find our product, including 3D, in every standard CAD format.

A large choice of extensions

Our range of slides is composed of 3 large families of slides with either 2, 3 or 4 beams to respond to all the requests and all the demands of different applications.


Partial extension

Example of telescopic slide : Partial extension


A slide with 2 beams that offers a partial extension, a portion of the moving beam has to remain within the fixed beam.

Total extension

Example of telescopic slide : Total extension


A slide with 3 beams that offers a total extension, the additional intermediate beam increases the possible extension.

Over extension

Example of telescopic slide : Over-extension


A slide with 4 beams that offers an over- extension (150% or more of closed length) thanks to the 2 intermediate beams.