Telescopic slides

Example of telescopic ball bearing slides

Telescopic ball bearing slides with 2, 3 or 4 elements, according to the desired extension for developments up to 2m.


Telescopic slides



The usual application is for a drawer. They can also be used to install vertical guidance systems, used across the security and manufacturing markets.

Linear ball rails

Example of linear ball rails with recirculating ball bearings

Linear ball rails with recirculating ball bearings, for loads up to 600kg per runner.

Linear ball rails



Usually applications for a linear guide rail are sliding doors, be they horizontally or vertically, additionally they can also be used for stowage or locker systems, across market sectors, notably, Defence, Fire, Offshore and rolling stock.

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The solution in industrial guidance

For almost 50 years, Chambrelan has designed, developed and provided thousands of ball bearing slides and guidance rails for industry and for equipment manufacturers who have had to put into practice translatory guidance solutions.

Chambrelan is constantly refining and developingtheir manufacturing expertise in line with industry changes, making us the leading manufacturer of heavy duty sliding systems in the world...

Production, research and development capacities make Chambrelan a major manufacturer in guidance and translatory movements.