Chambrelan linear rails 5 guidance points

A linear rail consists of a recirculating ball bearing carrier that slides within a guidance rail.

A rail and runner system

Our linear rails consist of a recirculating ball bearing carrier that slides within a fixed length of guidance rail.

One or more carriers may be used within each length of rail.

Carriers are adapted to the rail (general manufacturing tolerances are around 1/10th of millimetre).

Heavy duty rails

Thanks to 15 differens models and 2 lengths of carriers, Chambrelan offers you a wide range of easy linear movement solutions. Load capacities from 5 to 600 kg / carrier.

Easy to integrate, easy to install

The maximum lengths for a single piece of rail is 3 meters but should you require longer runs the rail can be supplied ready prepared for end to end connection. The normal method of fixation is by the use of countersunk screws.

Note: the rails are supplied undrilled as standard with fixing holes supplied only upon specific request.

Each carrier has two drilled and tapped threads allowing fixing to the sliding carrier.

The diameter and position of fixing holes can not be modified on the carrier.

All the data needed to install the Chambrelan slides are available in our catalogue and on our website. All the drawings, in different CAD formats , are available on our website.

Cold drawn steel linear rails

The linear rail is made from a cold drawn steel profile (some small dimension rails are are also available in aluminium).

This manufacturing process causes a work hardening of the material. This increases the wear resistance qualities of our steel sections.

Minimum maintenance

Chambrelan slides have been designed to function with minimum maintenance. Slides are lubricated in house with a grease for an optimum lifespan.

In case of aggressive conditions of use (corrosive environment, intensive use) we advise a regular and systematic maintenance of the slide.

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