This complete kit, ready for assembly to install a closed bolt handle on a drawer or door



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    This complete kit, ready for assembly to install a closed bolt handle on a drawer or door

    It comes with the installation instructions. It is adjustable to any drawer up to 1.5 m wide. Stainless steel rods are easily cut to length and thus can be adjusted to specific dimensions.

    Other dimensions are possible, do not hesitate to contact us.

    These slam lock handles offer an alternative to built-in locks. They can also be used for indexing at different positions in a sliding system.


    This handle can be installed on any type of door or drawer.

    Recommended operating temperatures from -20 to 70°C.


    Manual lock

    The handle has been designed to be mounted in vehicles, including fire engines.

    high temp use
    • We do not recommend using this product outside the standard temperature range.

    Drilling scheme

    Product drilling schem - DHFDD

    Standard closed lengths

    The characteristics given on this website correspond to standard manufacture or usual requirements. Our position as a manufacturer enables us to offer great flexibility in order to meet the most specific requirements.

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