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A sliding telescopic rail is an assembly of rails on ball bearings trapped in cages and equipped with stops.

It is commonly called slide rail, hinge, slide, support rail, sliding rail, door slide, telescopic slide, telescopic arm, telescopic rails, translational guide, slide system, slide rail or ball guide.

This product can be used as drawer slide, translation guide, hanging rail, drawer slide, door slide, keyboard drawer, handling rail, furniture slide, telescopic stand, slide for telescopic table, horizontal guide or in some case, in vertical guiding as for a door guidance .

Telescopic Slides

A telescopic slide is an assembly of metal profiles sliding on ball bearings trapped in ball cages. It includes stops in opening and closing, and ensures sliding of loads up to 1250kg or on lengths of 2 meters. Manufactured in steel, aluminum or stainless steel, it offers partial, total or super- extensions.

Linear Rails

A linear guide rail is a set of a fixed profile which includes one or more (usually up to 3) runners. 15 models of runners, with ball bearings or rollers, on 2 types of lengths offer a wide choice for a smooth sliding motion under loads from 5 to 600 kg per runner.

Slam Lock handles

This kit is a handle with a central control button that allows to lock the drawer in different positions. It is delivered as a set, with rods that are sectionable to the dimensions of your mobile device.

Slide and Tilt

This kit, delivered as a set for a drawer, allows the sliding and the tilting of the drawer. The length of the partial extension and the tilt angle are simply adjustable.

Guide Selector


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